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Virtual or In-Person Support When You
Need It Most 

For Anyone, Anywhere, at Anytime.

During these uncertain times due to the ongoing CORONA VIRUS, we want to keep the fellowship still accessible for our newcomers.


Our groups have pulled together and some are now hosting their meetings online while a small number have opened back up following all COVID related guidelines.


The details of our online and live CA Ireland meetings can be found on our Online Meetings  and Live In person Meetings.

What is CA Ireland?

About Us

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Support Group Session
What is CA Ireland?

C.A. Ireland is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other so that they may solve their common problem and help others find freedom and recover from their addiction to cocaine and all other mind-altering substances.


Everything heard at a C.A. meeting is to be treated as confidential.


There are no dues or fees for membership; we are fully self-supporting through our own contributions.

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What is our Purpose?

C.A. is concerned solely with the personal recovery and continued sobriety of individual drug addicts who turn to our Fellowship for help.


We do not engage in the fields of drug addiction research, medical or psychiatric treatment, drug education, or propaganda in any form, although members may participate in such activities as individuals. Cocaine Anonymous is open to all persons who state a desire to stop using cocaine, including “crack” cocaine, as well as all other mind-altering substances.

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